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this site has the awesomest games and websites Today is Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friend or Enemy?


See if you got the questions right and your a true bff or need a improvement.


Do not


do not ever go onto limecandy. onsugar.com


Top Ten Songs 2


1. We R who we R

2. Club cant handle me


4.Break your heart

5. Firework

6. Take it off

7. California girls

8. Bad Romance

9. No speak Americono

10.One tribe




BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!  A movie with Adam Sandler hilarios.   A movie with Kevin James LOL.   A movie with Chris Rock insaine.  David Spade WOW.

ALL TOGETHER!    HilariaughanityOW I guess.  You gotta go see it.


Movies, Tv, Plays


Shrek the Musical:  Looks good  must have some twist though.  Heres the twist .  Although the lines are exactly the same word to word the expression is different then the movie.  The pitch, the volume, and in the movie the pitch line goes down in the play it goes up.  It makes it sound like a whole nother character.


Tangled: Is not all that funny.  Sure it has a couple lines but those arent even laugh out loud.  It is more drama then comedy so if thats what you are looking for, a comedy, go somewhere else to see one.   

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